Prime Time Sister Circles® (PTSC)

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Prime Time Sister Circles® (PTSC) was developed by Drs. Marilyn Gaston and Gayle Porter designed to increase knowledge; change attitudes and behaviors related to three significant risk factors for cardiovascular disease (heart disease, hypertension, and stroke), cancer, and diabetes. These risk factors are poor nutrition, sedentary behavior and unmanaged stress. These risk factors are very important reasons for the chronic illnesses which are the major causes of death in the American population, and are killing African American women at rates that are greater than any other group of women in the nation. The target population is African American women between the ages of 40 and 70 because of their increased death rate related to their increased rate of these risk factors. African American women often have multiple risk factors and multiple co-morbidities e.g. hypertension, obesity.

PTSC is a twelve week, facilitated, curriculum-based, and intensive support group intervention with 25 women per group designed to reduce the major risk factors of poor nutrition, inactivity, and unmanaged stress. It is a proven preventive program which is outcome driven, comprehensive and replicable. PTSC provides these women with the information, motivation, tools and consultative support needed to improve and maintain their health self care. Women in this age group were selected because they are at greatest risk of developing chronic diseases. They are often motivated to change their unhealthy behaviors, prioritize their health first, and change lifestyles and health habits of others since they have a significant influence on health behaviors in their families and communities.

If you reside in Central Florida (Seminole, Orange, Lake, or Osceola) county and you are interested in a being a committed participant in a PTSC health support group for 12 consecutive weeks, please contact us via email to .

Please place PTSC in the subject line.